TruGolf GS13 Studio Review
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TruGolf GS13 Studio Review

November, 2023

If you have a healthy budget and you’re searching for a golf simulator, then the TruGolf GS13 is a model you should definitely consider. TruGolf is a company that’s been leading the market in indoor golf simulator technology for years. Their GS13 simulator is a model to be reckoned with and offers more perks and features than the competing TruGolf GS10 Studio golf simulator.

Our Verdict: This golf simulator is more designed for the serious golfer than the recreational player. If you want to put in the work to improve your golf game then the GS13 is the perfect tool to help you perfect your swing and lower your score. The system itself is very easy to use and set up, so not only is it versatile, it’s also very beginner-friendly. Available now at this link…

Read on to learn more about this top-selling system.

Overview and Features 

This system comes with the popular E6 software. E6 is basically the must-have software program for golf simulator systems. This software combines precision analytics and mind blowing graphics that will deliver one of the best game enhancing experiences you’ll find. You’ll enjoy a realistic golfing experience that will easily make you forget you’re playing on a simulator and not out on the green. 

Seasoned golfers and beginners alike will be blown away by the level of realism the system offers.

Imagine coming home and being able to play a round on golf on your favorite course, any time of the day or night.

This system is basically a golfer’s dream come true. 

Inside this package you’ll find:

  • Computer system
  • Turf between the screen and mat
  • Projector ramp 
  • Ultra Short Throw projector 
  • Side panel extensions 
  • Surge protector 
  • HD impact screen 
  • Ulti Mat

Accuracy Like You’ve Never Seen 

Without a doubt, TruTrack is the most accurate technology used in golf simulation that you’ll find on the market today. This feature utilizes sonic ball sensors and infrared sensors that work for both left-handed golfing and right-handed golfing. 

If you’re left-handed and find yourself struggling to make your shots, check out our left-handed golfing tips. 

TruTrack is categorized as a dual tracking system, which means it tracks both the ball and the club. For the ball it utilizes sonic ball tracking.  For club tracking, it uses a few rows of optical sensors that are located on the mat. Together, TruTrack delivers top of the line swing analysis that can potentially help to lower any golfer’s score. 

Many of the leading golf simulator systems do a great job of tracking the club or the ball, but it’s rare to find a system that tracks both, and this model by TruGolf handles both of these heavy-duty tasks quite well.

The Feedback You Need to Improve Your Golf Game

The whole point of having a golf simulator at home is to practice to improve your golf game, so what’s the point of using a simulator that doesn’t  provide the type of feedback you’re looking for?

 In order to get the right type of feedback a golf simulator should track both the ball and the club.  This tells the golfer exactly what areas they need to work on. This level of feedback is what you need if you want results. Want to finally lower your score? Is your nightly practice at the range not providing you with the results you need? Then the GS13 is for you. This type of accurate feedback will be invaluable to the avid golfer who wants to lower their score and improve their swing. 

This system will provide the user with feedback on their launch angle, ball speed, drive distance, side spin, ball direction, ball trajectory, clubhead path and swing, and side spin. 

The system’s integrated swing analysis is a great feature that will pinpoint important characteristics with every swing you take. 

Since this system uses a few rows of optical sensors, the golfer doesn’t have to tell the system which club they’re using before they take a swing. This is a convenient, time-saving feature that every golfer can appreciate. 

In the past, the original TruTrack system consisted of one integrated device that was installed right below the hitting surface. But with this latest model, the sensor still remains in the same place, but the hardware that was vulnerable to damage caused by club impact has been installed in its own control box, further back from the hitting area.  However, it still remains below the mat. This upgrade in design helps to improve shot detection, improves durability and reduces misreads. 


Setting this system up is much easier than it looks. Fortunately, the manufacturer has included everything you need to get the job done right, including a step by step guide that includes images. This system can be set up in just under an hour.

E6 Graphics 

In the world of golf simulators, graphics quality is everything. Higher quality graphics equals a more immersive experience. The ability to choose different golf courses and instantly be transported to a new and challenging course is the golfer’s dream. During a round you’ll enjoy a totally immersive experience, one that allows you to focus on your golf swing, add some distance, and improve your overall performance. The only thing this system is lacking is the smell of freshly cut grass.

For many, describing the impressive E6 graphics is impossible. This software is the closest to actually being on the course that you can get. This software comes with some great enhancements including improved textures and lighting. The manufacturer described the playing experience as more immersive compared to other leading software programs. 

This software also comes with a target practice feature, a virtual driving range, chipping and putting area, and an extensive list of options designed to make every round an adventure. Golfers can change the time of day, weather, tee-boxes, wind conditions, and much more. 

As you can see, the game developers seem to have thought of everything, including new, interesting, and challenging ways to test and improve your golf skills. This type of training selection will keep you focused on the game and eager to work on that swing.


There really isn’t much to not like about this simulator. The technology is incredibly accurate and now more durable than ever. The included software is the closest you’ll get to golfing without stepping on a course. 

For many golfers, the price of the system is the biggest drawback. But if you’re an avid golfer, have a true love for the game and you’re totally determined to improve your swing, then you can’t go wrong with this system.

If you’re on a tight budget, take a look at our budget-friendly golf simulators in our ultimate buyer’s guide, where you’ll find models in a variety of price points. 

The photo-realistic graphics and accurate analytics are what makes this system hard to beat. TruGolf provides you with a virtual golfing experience like none other. And as an added bonus, you can use this system to watch movies with the whole family. 

For golfers searching for a golf simulator that can help them achieve the goals they’re striving for on the course and one that will allow them to have fun in the process, this system is a solid choice. 

This system is the real deal. Not only is having a top of the line golf simulator in your own home convenient, but it can also be a more effective way to help you train for an upcoming tournament. If you’re stressed about not being able to make it to the course for practice, the GS13 is the perfect solution.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Realistic golfing experience
  • E6 software
  • Excellent graphics 
  • Ball and club tracking 
  • System comes with everything you need to get started right away
  • Easy set up process


  • Price 
  • Software only offers fifteen courses 
TruGolf GS13 Conclusion and Rating

Geek Rating as of November, 2023: (4.5/5)

TruGolf GS13 Golf Simulator
What can you say about a system that has everything to offer the beginner and seasoned golfer? Want to improve your swing? Do you want to find out exactly why you can’t manage to lower your score? Or do you want a realistic simulator you can use on rainy days? TruGolf has done it again by producing a golf simulator that’s loaded with features, and a model that’s impressively realistic, and easy to use. This is definitely not the most affordable golf simulator on the market, but what you’re paying for here is quality. If you want an accurate, more immersive golfing experience then you can expect to pay more.

For some, the fact that the software only features fifteen course options is somewhat of a disappointment, while others are more than satisfied with the software’s performance and course variety. Those of you that want to lower your golf score should take a second look at the GS13 golf simulator by TruGolf. This is a simulator that truly allows you to test yourself, while giving you the type of important feedback you need in order to see some serious improvement in your performance out on the green. 

We gave this simulator a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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