Skytrak TGC GS13 Studio Review
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Skytrak TGC GS13 Studio Review 

June, 2023

This golf simulator system features a combination of a top-selling, highly portable golf studio combined with a Skytrak launch monitor. Together, they make up the TGC GS13 Studio. This setup comes with over one hundred thousand course options, and state of the art software that’s immersive, fun, and easy to use. 

Our Verdict: Are you looking for a golf simulator package that comes with almost endless course options? Then look no further than the TGC GS13. Fully loaded with all the right features the golf enthusiast is looking for, this top of the line model scored well in a number of areas. However, if you’re in the market for a new golf simulator simply because you want to get your hands on a system that comes with the popular E6 software program, then you’ll be disappointed. While the TGC GS13 comes with a hundreds of thousands of courses to choose from, many players felt that the graphics couldn’t compare to what you’ll get with the E6 software. However, this system still easily outperforms other models in this price range. This is available now through this link…

Read on to learn more about this exciting new model.

Overview and Features 

Skytrak is one of the leading companies in the industry, since their launch back in 2014. The manufacturer markets the GS13 as the complete play, practice, and entertainment system. This is a great setup for beginners who are looking for a way to practice at home and the seasoned golfer who wants to improve their range and swing quality by practicing daily. It may not come with the popular E6 software program that many golfers are raving about, but it does come loaded with top of the line software that includes an almost limitless supply of golf course options. 

The Skytrak brand launch monitor promises to deliver impressive graphics using the photometric monitor that’s said to offer commercial grade accuracy.  

So, how does this system work? 

This golf simulator uses high-speed cameras in order to capture thousands of data points, accurately. This includes the following:

  • Side angle
  • Side spin
  • Back spin 
  • Launch angle
  • Ball speed

This type of feedback is perfect for users who want to practice different types of golf swings. 

Once this information has been compiled, the system will use the data to simulate the ball’s flight. 

Unfortunately, unlike higher priced golf simulators that employ both club and ball tracking abilities, this system only focuses on ball tracking. However, most pros can agree that ball tracking technology is much more accurate than simulators that use only club tracking systems. In the past, golf simulators that offered the ball tracking feature were typically the sets that were available at a higher price, but this system by Skytrak is surprisingly more affordable in comparison. 

Package Details

The system’s photometric launch monitor is said to provide impressive accuracy, at a more affordable price, compared to other popular models such as the OptiShot Infrared golf simulator. 

Training with this system is made easy, thanks to the intuitive controls.

The unit is equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It’s compatible with most products from Apple and connects via Wi-Fi. In order to use this system, you’ll need to download the app in the Apple store or download it on your desktop. 

The included user’s manual is well-written and includes step by step instructions that will walk you through the basic set up process. In total, you can expect to spend approximately an hour putting this system together.


  • GIP Package and launch monitor
  • 1080 HD short throw projector 
  • Golf Club Simulator software with over one hundred thousand golf courses to choose from. 
  • Projector ramp 
  • Projector box 
  • Turf 
  • Long HDMI
  • Surge protector and extension cord 
  • Side panel extensions
  • HD impact screen 
  • Ulti mat full mat system
  • Push button frame made out of aluminum
  • Light bar
  • Canopy 

Usage Requirements 

Unlike higher priced systems, this one doesn’t come with a PC, so you’ll need to factor that into your budget. 

In order to use this setup, the manufacturer requires a room with a ceiling clearance of nine feet. Depending on the player’s height and swing style, more clearance space may be needed. We recommend carefully measuring the available space in your home or basement before you buy. 

Driving Range 

This system features a simulated driving range. The variety of challenges and practice options make working on your swing more fun. Some games include targets, longest drive, and closest to the pin. Users can also choose from a wide variety of difficulty settings which can make practice more challenging. These difficulty options make this system an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels. 

System Accuracy 

There are a few other worthy golf simulator systems available at a comparable price, so what makes this system stand out? 

Considering this golf simulator is about five or six thousand dollars cheaper than some of the top selling models, most golfers in search of a realistic home golf simulator will give this setup a second look. This lower cost simulator has a reputation for accuracy, which is the most important characteristic to look for in a golf simulator. Want a golf simulator that can accurately measure range? If your focus is on lowering your score and adding some distance to your swing, this is the system that can take your golfing skills to the next level. Because it offers different difficulty levels to choose from, you can go at your own pace and increase the difficulty when you’re ready. 

This set is not exactly cheap, but it is one of the more affordable models on the market. 


Some golfers have said that there’s not much difference between the GS13 and a higher priced simulator system. 

This launch monitor system can be used at home or because it’s highly portable, it can also be taken to your favorite outdoor spot. 

This system is designed as an open platform. This type of versatility makes it very appealing. It can be used with most types of golf software that relies on ball tracking data. Way back in 2015, a company called WTG Golf released a game through Skytrak that featured a couple of game modes that offered full stroke on the course play and closest to the hole.  Skytrak also teamed up with The Golf Club.  The E6 software by TruGolf is easily the best software on the market.  TruGolf has also released software that’s compatible with this system, which is a huge selling point for the golfer on a budget in search of an affordable simulator that’s compatible with E6. However, the software comes with a high price tag.  

Paying to Play

While this system is marketed as a more affordable, top of the line golf simulator, and it still is, even if you factor in the cost of new software, the fact that the system only comes with a single software program seems like a huge oversight by the manufacturer. While the system is priced more affordably compared to models such as the ProTee golf simulator, many golfers felt that the company should offer more gaming options, although the one hundred thousand golf courses to choose from is more than enough for most players. What some golfers are complaining about is the noticeable difference in quality in terms of graphics. Sure, you’ll have an endless amount of courses to choose from, but many golfers felt that the included software simply couldn’t compare to the immersive experience the E6 delivers.

 When you buy new software for this system you can expect to pay anywhere from one hundred dollars up to five hundred dollars for the leading programs. 

Click here to read our buyer’s guide to learn more about top-selling golf simulators that include best-selling software programs. 


  • Priced affordably
  • Includes thousands of course options 
  • Easy set up
  • Highly portable
  • Projector can also be used to watch TV and movies
  • Offers a more immersive experience compared to other sets in this price range 


  • This system doesn’t come with the popular E6 software
SkyTrak TGC GS13 Conclusion and Rating

Geek Rating as of June, 2023: (4/5)

This system by Skytrak is cost-effective, accurate, and comes loaded with course options. When you invest in a golf simulator system, not only do you want a model that’s accurate, you need a system that’s versatile as well. The golf course options allow you to choose popular courses from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to play on courses you never thought possible.

This model scored well for it’s ease of use, portability, golf course variety, and accuracy.

For some players, the golf course versatility will be enough, while others will be disappointed that they have to pay more to get their hands on the popular E6 program. Overall, the GS13 offers an immersive golfing experience that’s sure to positively impact your game with consistent practice. The games available are challenging, fun, and offer the type of immersive experience golfers are looking for when they’re stuck indoors on a rainy day, or those in need of a challenging practice round. We gave this system a rating of four out of five stars.

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