Senior Golf Tips

Senior Golf Tips for a More Powerful Swing 

One of the greatest things about golf is the fact that players of all ages can enjoy it. But as you get older, you’ll realize that your swing may not have the same type of power it used to or using the proper posture can be incredibly uncomfortable. Fortunately, we’ve talked to the pros who made some great suggestions for senior golf tips that will allow you to continue to enjoy the game of golf, with a few adjustments. 

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to give up a sport you love. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow that can even improve your swing, allowing you to swing with more power than you have in years. 

Key Takeaway: The best thing you can do as a senior golfer to perfect your golf game is to go back to the basics. While you may have to alter your stance and swing, you can make simple adjustments and still enjoy the game you love for many more years to come.

Now, read on to learn some great tips that will help you continue to enjoy golfing in your golden years.

The Benefits of Senior Golf

Younger golfers know that a few rounds of golf a week can be both mentally and physically challenging. As you get older, you may not have the type of powerful swing you once did. You may find it hard to go from hole to hole and stand for hours. It can also be difficult to use the proper grip and stance when you swing. But while golfing as a senior can be difficult, it also comes with plenty of benefits. This is a low-impact sport, which means you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. It’s suitable for all ages and helps to gently work the muscles and joints. Joint stiffness is a common complaint in the elderly, and it’s one of the main reasons seniors give up playing golf.

Did you know that by consistently playing golf once or twice a week you can help to relieve some of the pain and discomfort that comes with joint stiffness? It’s all about getting you moving again and golf will get you to do just that.

You’ll also enjoy increased circulation, improved mental clarity, a boost in muscle tone, metabolism, and overall energy. Most doctors recommend low-impact exercise for seniors. As you can see, golf is a perfect option. However, if you have a serious underlying medical condition, we recommend consulting your physician prior to heading out to the green.

Bringing Power Back 

If you’ve played golf for decades, then there’s no way you’re willing to give it up now that you’re in your golden years, a time when you can hit the course as much as you want. You may not have that powerful swing or range of motion that you used to, but there are some ways you can adjust your swing that can help you play better and longer. 

Retirement should be the best time of your life. You may have splurged and bought the Bushnell V3 golf rangefinder, the best rangefinder for golf on the market, new clubs, and learned new left-handed golf tips that have improved your score, but if you’re having trouble with basic swings, then you need to make some changes to your technique in order to improve your game and add more power. 

Golf is an excellent low-impact sport. Playing golf is a great way to stay active, minimize joint pain, and keep the weight off. 

Below you’ll find some great tips that you can use to adjust your swing so your next round will be more enjoyable and you’ll get some power back into your swing. 

Changing Your Stance 

If you’re struggling to keep the power in your swing using the traditional golf stance, try adjusting your stance by placing your front foot forty-five degrees out toward the target. Doing so will make it much easier to shift your weight forward when you’re completing the follow-through. If you have hip issues, shifting your weight to your rear foot when turning your body during the backswing can cause severe pain. This simple foot adjustment will reduce hip pain during a swing and allows you to coil during the backswing. 

Practicing Short Shots 

Practicing Short Shots 

When you first started playing golf you probably tried to hit the ball as hard as you could, just to show off how strong you were. It’s what we all did. But as a senior golfer, you know your limitations and instead of trying to hit that booming drive, you should focus on being in the fairway close to the one-hundred-and-fifty-yard marker. Next, try focusing on iron shots into the green. Practicing these shots will help hone your skills.  With improved iron precision, you’ll be much closer to the hole, so you can sink more birdie putts. 

Hit the range once or twice a week, but once you’ve hit a few balls with your driver, switch to hitting iron shots at a specific target. When you practice your iron shots, you’ll improve your accuracy and distance, which will make you a more confident player. 

Stretching with a Swing Weight 

Most people aren’t aware that golf can actually be a very physically demanding sport. When a person ages, they have a tendency to slack off when it comes to exercising. This more sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on a person’s flexibility. Because of this it’s important to stay active daily. This will improve your muscle tone, flexibility, and balance. It will also keep you feeling energized and healthier in general. Just small lifestyle changes, such as parking your car further from the store’s entrance, can help minimize back and joint pain, boost your energy level naturally, and can burn more calories. When you’re playing golf, flexibility is important, as is lean muscle. You don’t want to go out on the green stiff and unable to swing with some power. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t be in and stay in great shape. 

Having flexible shoulders and a flexible back will allow you to make a better follow-through and backswing, which means a more controlled powerful ball strike. 

In order to further increase your flexibility, use a swing weight. When you’re swinging away with a weight attached you’ll feel your muscles stretch as your body reaches the limit of the swing. Don’t worry about taking a powerful swing, what matters is the number of swings you take. Using a swing weight will extend the distance of your backswing and can also give you better distance and clubhead speed. 

Another option is to perform some basic stretches each morning and before a round of golf. Over time, gentle stretches can help to improve flexibility and can also loosen up the muscles before a challenging golf game, ensuring your’re playing you

Pacing Yourself

Just because you’re older and not in the shape you used to be in, doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to golf. However, it also doesn’t mean you have to push yourself as hard, or complete every hole. If you’re out of shape or struggling with a change in mobility, suffering from arthritis, or simply aren’t up for a full round of golf, go easy. If you’ve decided to take up golf again, do so with realistic expectations and the understanding that you won’t be able to play quite as well as you did five or ten years ago. Even play just a few holes a couple of times a week can do wonders for your stamina, circulation, mobility, and joint stiffness.

Changing up Your Posture 

Prior to striking the ball, transferring your weight to your front foot will deliver maximum power using the least amount of energy. Everyone has hit those impressive shots that just seem to happen out of nowhere. Those perfect shots with the smooth swing, that seemingly fluid motion. When you figure out the mechanics of a pure swing, you’ll realize that a great strike occurs when the golfer places their weight on their front foot right before a strike. Most golf instructors will have their student hit balls with the nine to three swing. This type of simple exercise will make you focus on shifting your weight forward, so you’ll improve your muscle memory and automatically shift your weight forward consistently.  

Final Thoughts
Some seniors will be able to maintain their swing throughout the duration of their playing careers, while others will find that as they age they just don’t have the flexibility that they used to, which makes it difficult to continue swinging in the manner in which they’re accustomed to. But by following these senior golf tips you can make the necessary lifestyle changes and posture changes and try out some of our techniques that will have you taking powerful shots like never before. Golf is a game that comes with so many benefits. During your golden years there’s no reason you have to give up your clubs for good.

Our Top Senior Golf Tips for a More Powerful Swing
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Our Top Senior Golf Tips for a More Powerful Swing
Read our senior golf tips to find out how simple adjustments to your swing technique and posture can have a major positive impact on your golf game.

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