ProTee Golf Simulator Review
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ProTee Golf Simulator Review 

September, 2023

In terms of performance, the ProTee Golf simulator is everything other models strive to be.  This system offers top of the line performance, with its combination of impressive software graphics and accuracy. ProTee was founded in 2001 and since then, they’ve been a major name in the industry, producing golf simulators that can easily outperform other models on the market. 

Our Verdict: This golf simulator system earned the top spot on our list. It received an outstanding response from seasoned golfers looking for a solid system they could rely on to really challenge their performance and improve their golf swing when they can’t make it to the course. This system comes with a high price tag. If you’re not serious about golf or you’re a beginner looking for an entry-level model, then you may be better off going with a more affordable system. But if you want the best of the best, you won’t find better than this system by ProTee. Click here for how to purchase one…

Continue reading to find out what makes this model a leader in the industry.

Overview and Features

If you’re serious about your golf game, then you need a system that can not only provide a realistic, engaging golfing experience, you want a system that can give you the type of feedback you need to improve your golf game and lower your score. The team at ProTee has created a system that will easily blow the competition out of the water. Providing extensive feedback and data with every swing and allowing you to play on thousands of top courses, this is one system that will be an asset to your golf game. 

The ProTee company specializes in distributing, manufacturing, and developing indoor simulators designed for in-home, private, professional, and commercial use. 

Currently, they offer a dual-track system that works by tracking both the ball and club during a simulation. Other systems typically track either the ball or the club only, never both, which makes this ProTee model ahead of the game. 

If you want a simulator that can immediately transport you to your favorite course, this model can take you there. 

Package Details

This system comes with everything you need to get started playing right away. Unlike other models in this price range, the manufacturer has also included top of the line components, all of which make up the leading golf simulator system on the market.

When you buy this simulator, you’ll get a high-speed sensor system, impact screen, vertical camera, USB to serial convertor, halogen overhead light system, software, and a universal power supply. Actually, you’ll get a couple of software options: The Golf Simulator Edition, and the ProTee Golf 2.0. For increased functionality and added accuracy, you can purchase your own high-speed camera and a putting system separately.

Greatness in the Making 

The manufacturer developed this system for over ten years. The design team not only spent years testing and researching golf simulator performance, they paid attention to feedback from golfers who were searching for a golf simulator that could provide the results they were looking for. A golf simulator may seem like a fun way to pass the time or play a round of golf on a rainy day, but the team at ProTee took the golf simulator to a whole new level by creating a model that not only helps you focus on distance, but one that can really push your golfing skills to the limit.

This simulator isn’t a toy. It’s a tool. One that will help you focus on improving your performance, adding distance to your swing, and can improve your hitting accuracy. If you’re up for the challenge, this simulator can help you become a better golfer in a matter of weeks.

In terms of design, ProTee didn’t just focus on software, they went one step further, offering only the best for every component in the system. Even the system’s mat scored well.

The system  features a synthetic grass mat and high-speed optical sensors that are built into the mat and designed to track your ball speed and club head data.The included mat features a total of one hundred and one sensors, which is more than six times what competing systems offer. This number of sensors will easily guarantee that this is one of the most complete and accurate systems on the market. The mat detects swing tempo, sweet spot position, ball path, ball speed, club face angle, swing path, and club head speed rates. 

The system’s high-speed camera will track the ball’s trajectory and offers a realistic performance, so you can try out different types of golf swings and get great feedback. 

As we mentioned earlier this system comes with one standard camera, but you can also choose to add a second camera, which can be mounted to the sensor mat. 

Course Options 

This model comes with two software packages. The Golf Club Simulator software features courses that are impressively realistic down to the mow patterns. It also offers stunning hi-def graphics at 4k Ultra HD. The bright textures, engaging scenery, and the natural lighting will transport you right to the course. This game offers over ninety-two thousand courses to choose from. It also has a course design feature that allows you to build and design your own course. Online sharing, tours, tournaments, and free online play are just some of the reasons this game is getting rave reviews from the pros. 

The other software called the ProTee Golf 2.0 features one hundred courses to choose from. You can also play offline and online with up to eight players. After every shot, the full swing analysis will be displayed. You’ll also enjoy the nearest to the pin and the longest drive competitions and the advanced practice modes. 

In addition to the two software programs, you can also play the E6 game by TruGolf for an extra fee. 

Is it Worth the Price Tag?

There’s a lot to love about this system. Most people buy this system because of the multiple software options and the great tracking technology, however, there are some drawbacks. The ProTee Studio doesn’t have the type of quality most golfers would want and expect from software that’s used with a system in this price range. Additionally, some of the accessories aren’t up to par. As an example, the turf top is made by Fiber Built. While it’s considered durable, some users felt like the manufacturer could have chosen a higher quality mat. 

Obviously, the biggest drawback of this system is the price. But considering it offers one of the most realistic golfing simulator experiences on the market, not to mention it provides a ton of feedback with every swing, we think a high price tag is a fair trade off. This is one simulator that will definitely help you lower your score. One of the things to consider is the time and money that you can save by playing realistic golf, quickly at home. It doesn’t make up for the full price tag, but it will certainly help over time. 

As we mentioned earlier, this isn’t a simulator that’s designed for the beginner. If you’re simply looking for a golf simulator for you and the family to play around on during the rainy season, you’ll be better off choosing a more affordable option. But if you’re a serious golf player that needs a system  that you can use for intense training sessions, a system that’s responsive, immersive, and incredibly accurate, then this model by ProTee will be the best thing that ever happened to your golf game.

If this model is simply out of your price range take a closer look at the TruGolf GS13 Studio golf simulator, which is offered at a lower price. You can also take a look at our full golf simulator system buyers guide, which includes multiple options and reviews.


  • Golf Club Simulator software is top of the line 
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Realistic gameplay 
  • System tracks ball and club speed 


  • Mat has a cheap look to it
  • ProTee Studio does not offer the realistic simulator experience some golfers are looking for 
  • Price 
ProTee Golf Simulator Conclusion and Rating

Geek Rating as of September, 2023: (5/5)

This is a system that you’ll instantly fall in love with after the first round of golf. It has plenty to offer golfers of all skill levels, but many of its features are designed with the experienced player in mind.

While some golf simulators on the market really shine when it comes to tracking the club or the ball, this model by ProTee excels at both. As a result, the golfer will get plenty of important feedback with every swing, giving them much-needed direction in regard to how they can perfect their swing and what they need to focus on. This dual-track system delivers top of the line swing analysis and ball flight accuracy which can do wonders when it comes to lowering the golfer’s score. 

It’s also important to mention that the manufacturer offers some great software options. Saying that we were impressed by this simulator’s performance is an understatement. Whether you want a realistic, effective, simulator for home use or your business, or a system you can rely on to challenge your performance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a model that can match this golf simulator by ProTee. This system earned a five out of five star rating.

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