Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder Review
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Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder Review 

September, 2023

If you’re tired of feature-heavy rangefinders that are difficult to use and unreasonably priced, then this model may be right up your alley. Precision Pro is a smaller company that produces moderately priced golf rangefinders and accessories. They aren’t as big as Bushnell, and their rangefinders are typically pretty basic, but the NX7 Pro is a breath of fresh air. It comes with all the basic features you could want in a reliable rangefinder and some nice extras. It easily outperforms other rangefinders in the Precision Pro line and it’s very user-friendly. 

Our Verdict: Offering an intuitive user interface, top of the line optics, and a variety of features designed to improve rangefinder accuracy and performance, this model is highly recommended if you’re looking for a rangefinder that comes equipped with all the latest bells and whistles designed to improve your golf swing.

Continue reading to learn exactly why this is one rangefinder you won’t want to leave home without.

Overview and Features 

We’ve heard plenty of good things about Precision Pro Golf, so we weren’t surprised to learn they came out with one of the leading, lower priced rangefinders on the market.

The NX7 Pro rangefinder from Precision Pro Golf is a great buy for the golfer on a budget. Despite its low price it comes loaded with some great features, offers a water-resistant, durable construction, and provides fast, highly accurate distance readings. Overall, this rangefinder is just a smart buy. 

Considering the buzz around this particular model, we were excited to try it out for ourselves to see if it can really outperform the competition and if it has what it takes to make it out on the course. What we found will definitely surprise you. 

The NX7 by Precision Pro is a laser rangefinder that’s priced affordably and equipped with some great features that you won’t normally find in a model in this price range, such as vibration and slope. 

The Adaptive Slope Technology will allow players to toggle between slope and tournament legal playing. 

The Plus Vibration Technology feature emits a fast pulse when the rangefinder has locked onto the target, alerting the golfer when it’s made a direct hit. 

Why You’ll Love this Rangefinder

In regard to accuracy, this model comes in at just one yard, so you’ll know exactly which club to choose. 

The ergonomic, compact design makes it both right and left-handed golfing friendly. It has some nice heft to it, so you can tell it’s built solid, but it offers a sleeker design that makes it easy to tote around in your golf bag or pocket. 

Target Acquisition Technology is another popular feature and one that scans the field of view, locking in on targets in order to ensure that the rangefinder gets the yardage to the target and not obstacles in the background. 

The multi-distance mode allows you to switch between meters and yards. 

It has a range of four hundred yards, which is better than competing models in this price point. 

The rangefinder’s high-speed laser will pick up a reading in less than one second. 


Unlike other models of lower priced rangefinders, the manufacturer knew what they were doing when they designed this rangefinder. Instead of putting more money toward an overdone exterior, they focused on making this a solid performing, accurate rangefinder, that’s well-built and durable.

The rangefinder features a water-resistant coating that protects it from light to moderate rainfall. 

Additionally, the shockproof design will protect the rangefinder against damage from falls. 

The eyepiece is highly adjustable, which will be a selling point for people who wear glasses. Unfortunately, the rangefinder has a monochrome display, which can be difficult to read in bright sunlight. For such a lightweight model, it’s surprisingly durable. 

The simple controls make operation a breeze. The mode button will allow you to quickly toggle through the menu and settings. 


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This model is pretty easy to use, like most newer rangefinder models. To activate it, simply press the power button, aim, hit the power button a second time and the distance measurement will pop up on the screen.

This rangefinder has more options than past models produced by Precision Pro Golf. Using the included mode button the user can choose between meters and yards and turn the slope adjustment feature on or off.

The user-interface is very intuitive. Navigating through the menu is very straightforward, so it’s easy to make changes to the setting or fire at a target.

This model is reliable and accurate and unlike other lower priced rangefinders, the NX7 will not round up the distance and will provide information down to the tenth of a yard.

Able to lock on a target in under a second, this rangefinder is very user-friendly. This is a great device, although it can’t quite compete with the big boys, such as the Nikon Coolshot 20 golf rangefinder.

Compared to their last model, the NX7 features a couple of great upgrades in terms of speed and size. It’s actually twenty-five percent smaller than other Precision Pro rangefinders, and it weighs just under five and a half ounces. It’s also thirty percent faster. And the best part? Despite its stature and faster speed, it’s still one of the most accurate rangefinders in this price range.

The rangefinder also features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold. The device itself is large enough to easily grip and will sit well in your hand.

The manufacturer has also equipped this rangefinder with a variety of popular features that earned it a high user rating.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The most common complaint users had involved the rangefinder’s battery door. In order to close or open the door it has to be rotated several times. Since the door’s cap is recessed it can be difficult to turn. While this isn’t exactly a deal breaker, it can be frustrating for some.

In terms of ease of use, this is a great device, especially considering the lower price. However, it’s not quite as fast as higher priced models. The manufacturer may claim that the rangefinder can provide an accurate reading in less than a second, but most users have noted that a three to five second time frame is more accurate. This type of delay may be due to the addition of the vibration feature, since you’re required to wait for tactile feedback once the unit has locked on a target, as opposed to a basic visual notification. If you want a faster reading time you can simply shut off the vibration feature.

Optics Quality 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the optics quality. The 6x magnification will make it easy to shoot flags, so you’ll have no trouble accurately locking onto your target, even past three hundred yards. The stated range is four hundred yards, but many golfers reported accurate readings at four hundred and fifty yards. 

When using the rangefinder, using the focus ring will make it easy to focus the eyepiece to fit your eye comfortably. 

For the price, the rangefinder offers great optics, but the quality doesn’t stand up to what you’ll get from higher priced rangefinders. So, if you have vision problems you may want to pass this model by.

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If you’ve never used a rangefinder before, you may not even notice the difference in quality, but if you’re used to Bushnell golf rangefinders, you’ll immediately notice the quality is lacking. 


  • Target Acquisition Technology 
  • Vibrates to alert the user it has locked onto a target 
  • Compact
  • Lightweight 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Accurate down to the tenth of a yard
  • Durable
  • Water resistant 
  • Slope technology
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Two-year warranty 


  • The display is hard to read in bright sunlight 
  • Changing out the battery can be difficult due to the battery door design
  • Distance reading time is slowed down when vibration feature is activated
Pecision Pro Golf Rangefinder Conclusion and Rating

Geek Rating as of September, 2023: (4.5/5)

Precision Pro Golf - NX7We think most golfers will take one look at the price and automatically assume that the NX7 doesn’t have what it takes for daily course use, but we’re happy to say that it can outperform even higher priced models. It’s a great little device, pocket-friendly, easy to use, and it offers some nice features that you’ll come to rely on when you’re on the course. 

The durable design is also a major selling point. This isn’t a fragile rangefinder that will break the first time you drop it, instead it can withstand heavy use, thanks to it’s tough as nails exterior.

It doesn’t have many of the same techy features that you’ll find with major name brands, but it is a solid performer. We would recommend this model to beginners and pros alike, or the golfer who is looking for a simple, accurate rangefinder that isn’t totally loaded down with a bunch of fancy extras. We gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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