OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator Review
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OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator Review 

May, 2023

The Optishot infrared golf simulator is one advanced training tool that comes equipped with simple tracking software that’s built into a couple of 48MHz grounded infrared sensors. This golf simulator can provide you with some great data such as face angle, club path, and swing speed. It can also tell you the resulting shot shape and estimated face contact. And the result? Accurate feedback that can help you make important changes to your swing and stance that can ultimately improve your game and lower your score. 

Our Verdict: Would we recommend this golf simulator to players who are serious about their performance? The answer is no. Instead, this is the perfect model if you’re on a budget and want a golf simulator you can use to entertain friends or play a round with the kids. But just because it isn’t pro-quality doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the fun department. This model may not be able accurately analyze your golf game, but it can be a true pleasure to play on and a system that will keep you and the family entertained for hours on end. Check the price and promotions

Read on to learn more about this family friendly model.

Overview and Features 

For the golfer who wants to focus on working on their game and attempting to identify small changes in ball flight, they may find that this system is too limited. This isn’t the type of training tool an experienced

But for most golfers, this system is an excellent training tool that’s offered at a more affordable price and designed to help you work out those irritating kinks in your game. 

However, there are some areas where this system falls flat. 

This package comes with the following:

  • A couple of plastic tees
  • Two foam balls
  • Two infrared sensor strips
  • Software
  • USB cord
  • Ultra-short throw projector
  • Projector ramp 
  • Turf between screen and mat
  • Side panel extensions 
  • Long surge protector
  • Long HDMI cable 
  • HD impact screen 
  •  Light bar
  • Extended canopy 
  • Aluminum frame 

This system also comes with fifteen golf courses to choose from, which is more than what other models in this price range offer. For an extra fee you can also download the platinum courses. 

System Design 

This system features an impressively durable construction that’s designed to withstand heavy use. Even if you accidentally hit it with a club during a swing, this simulator will keep on ticking. Set up is fast and easy and takes approximately an hour. However, like most golf simulator systems, this model should be installed in a room with a minimum of nine feet of ceiling clearance.


The wide array of golf courses to choose from is a huge plus for the golfer looking for a little variety, or for the golfer who needs a new challenging course to play  However, systems such as the ProTee golf simulator, offers more options, but it comes with a higher price tag. 

The courses that come with this system features famous courses from all over the world. It also includes ambient sounds such as crickets chirping and birds singing. The ambient sounds change with each course. The excellent graphics combined with the wildlife sounds provides a nice, relaxing environment. 

Users can also change the weather settings. You can turn up the wind, which will have an impact on your ball’s trajectory. Other weather options include fog, clouds, or clear skies. There are no rain or snow options. 

You can also choose from a variety of game styles including better ball, match play, alternate shot, skins, Stableford, best ball, and stroke play. The software works well for conditioning your irons, a fun way to try out senior golf tips, or as a challenging party game, however, it’s not quite as advanced as other golf software programs on the market. 

The game doesn’t allow for much versatility. You’ll be able to hit it fat, shank it, or top the ball, but the program doesn’t have any idea how you hit the ball other than focusing on the speed of your club, the path, and the face angle. This is regardless of whether you’ve made contact on the toe, center, or heel. Basically, it’s not the best training aid when it comes to technical shots such as flop shots or punch shots. When swinging at the ball at an awkward steep angle instead of the ball resulting in a low line drive, it’ll end up flying at a nice trajectory and land on the green. 

The simulated ball is also more forgiving when compared to a standard ball. 


The beginner who isn’t sure how many golf clubs to carry on the course or doesn’t know much about golf in general will love how user-friendly this system is. 

If you don’t want to go all out and spend thousands of dollars on a simulator that’s designed for the pro, this more affordable system can be a great alternative.

Depending on how you decide to use this system, it’s inaccuracy, or rather, its lack of ability to be used as a serious training tool can be seen as a positive. If you’re playing around with friends of different skill levels, this can be a great system to use. A beginner can compete against several skilled golfers and have a great time. 

This system doesn’t care if the beginner is hitting a worm burner, they’ll still end up with pro-quality ball flight. Playing a round of golf with this model is fun and entertaining. No, it can truly test your golf skills or give you feedback so you know exactly where you need to make some improvements, but it does allow you to enjoy a round of golf in the comfort of your own home and allows even the kids to join in on the fun. 

Overall, if you have some understanding of your golf swing then you’ll know if you’ve hit a pure shot or not. When you make good contact with the foam balls it makes a nice cracking sound and feels pure. 

Face and Path Angle

When it comes to face and path angle, this system is almost perfect. The manufacturer claims there’s a very low margin of error with this system’s feedback, and they’re actually right. The system doesn’t provide highly accurate information regarding performance like some of the top-selling golf simulators that are designed for the pros, but if this system is purely for recreational purposes it’s accuracy rating is sufficient. 

Short Game 

On the course, the short game will rely on a variety of methods and shots, including closing and opening the clubface to a variety of degrees in order to lower or raise trajectory. This system doesn’t understand the difference between a chip or pitch, which can make it difficult to get accurate feedback that can help you to improve your performance. But considering the price and the fact that the system is more designed with the beginner in mind, this type of limitation should be expected.

Trajectory Settings 

The golfer can make changes to their shot trajectory choosing from five settings that range from high to low. However, these settings don’t seem to drastically change the treatment of different shots in your short game. 

You may also find putting challenging. You can adjust the settings, but the program isn’t designed for the extreme exacting nature of putting. 


You can join a game or create a game. The rules of the game will be put in place by the game’s creator. Everyone who participates will play independently, so you won’t be able to view another player’s shots, however, you can see how they’re playing by watching a ticker in the corner of the screen. The ticker will display their current shot and hole and whether the shot landed in the sand, rough, or green.  Users can also use the ticker box to chat. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Highly portable
  • Projector can be used to watch movies 
  • Fifteen courses to choose from 


  • The system’s swing feedback is very limited
  • Feedback isn’t very accurate
  • This system is not a good choice as a serious training tool 
Optishot GS13 Conclusion and Rating

Geek Golfer.com Rating as of May, 2023: (4/5)

Optishot GS13There are plenty of other golf simulators on the market that can blow this model out of the water when it comes to quality and accuracy, but not all golf simulators are designed for pro use. If you don’t need a system for serious training, then go with a more affordable model that can make playing a few rounds of golf at home fun.

OptiShot may not be the most high end golf simulator on the market, but it is incredibly fun and can be used as a great way to unwind or bond with the kids. If you’re a serious golfer looking for an advanced system that can analyze every shot, obviously, you’ll want to pass this model by. However, most players will find that the simulator is a great choice for home use and one that will add a lot of value and fun to any family room. We gave this simulator a rating of four out of five stars.

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