Laser Link Golf RH2 Rangefinder Review
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Laser Link Golf RH2 Rangefinder Review 

May, 2023

One of the biggest benefits that the Laser Link Golf RH2 rangefinder offers is the ability to measure long distances out on the green at a much faster rate than the competition and more accurately. Any golfer, whether they’re a beginner or a pro will tell you how important accuracy is on the course. The ability to measure the distance accurately can mean the difference between a win and a loss. This model will completely change how you golf and the difference will be apparent even during the first five minutes on the course.

Our Verdict: This rangefinder scored well with beginners but it has a reputation for struggling to lock on targets aside from reflective flags. The unique gun design was meant to make it easier for users to glimpse a quick distance reading, but in reality, it doesn’t add to the device’s usability. The simple to use features do make this model more beginner-friendly compared to other models on the market, but the increased difficulty that comes with locking onto a target that doesn’t have a reflective flag can be a drawback for golfers of all skill levels. While it does have some great features to offer, we wouldn’t recommend this model to the seasoned golfer. This model is available here…

Read on to learn more about the RH2’s performance and features.

Overview and Features

This model is far from perfect, but it does offer a solid ranging performance, which is what makes it so popular with both beginners and seasoned golfers. 

Senior golfers will also appreciate its pocket-friendly, ergonomic design. While many newer models of compact rangefinders can be difficult to hold up to the eyes, Laser Link offers an innovative design approach that’s considered senior-friendly.

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Even if you’re not into the latest golf gadgets you’ll appreciate what this model has to offer. Compared to past rangefinders produced by Laser Link, the RH2 features a new and improved design that definitely makes up for past shortcomings. However, the targeting range of up to one thousand yards it what caught our eye, not to mention the lightweight design. When you use the RH2 you won’t have to worry about it failing to shoot back an accurate reading. 

This model features a pistol-shaped design. To use, you’ll just hold it and point the red dot in the viewfinder at the target. This simple point and shoot design seems pretty great initially, and the manufacturer emphasizes the fact that the user doesn’t have to hold the rangefinder up to their eyes. This model does work perfectly for targeting reflective flags, but we did notice it tends to struggle reading flags without prisms. If you do hold the rangefinder up close to your eyes, you’ll find it easier to target objects, but doing so kind of takes away from the purpose of the design. This issue is further exacerbated by the lack of magnification on the viewfinder. 

If your regular course has reflective flags, then this model is worth a second look. 

Its basic design and intuitive controls make it beginner friendly, but for some, it lacks the type of flash needed out on the course, not to mention versatility. 

This model is powered by a rechargeable nine-volt alkaline battery which provides decent battery life.

Red Dot Aiming Guide 

This aiming feature will emit a red dot once it’s powered up and can significantly help with your aiming accuracy.


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As we mentioned, this model offers impressive range. At one thousand yards you’ll be able to get accurate feedback and much faster measurements. Considering the price, we were surprised at the range, considering higher priced models, such as the Nikon Coolshot golf rangefinder offers just half the range. Yet the RH2 almost measures up to the Bushnell Tour Z6 golf rangefinder, which goes for twice the price. 


This model can return a distance measurement in as little as two seconds. This is much faster than competing models which average three to five seconds.


The ergonomic design complete with a rubber grip makes this rangefinder very comfortable to hold. This model has all the right curves, so it’s easy to use for a longer period of time and it’s also very pocket-friendly.  

It weighs in at just a little under six and a half ounces. 

Laser Link’s new take on the golf rangefinder design is questionable, considering it takes away from the normal streamlined design that allows you to look through a viewfinder as you’re locking on to a target. Instead, you have to hold the rangefinder like a gun, then check the display once the device has calculated the distance. Considering locking on a target can be difficult at times, we felt that the gun style design further hindered the process.


The user can choose to have the distance measured in either yards or meters. The rangefinder’s display features a large external LCD display screen that’s vivid and easy to read even in bright sunlight. Unlike other styles of golf rangefinders, you won’t be able to read the display when it’s trying to calculate the distance. 

Confirmation Settings 

You’ll love the three confirmation settings. You can choose between audio, silent, or vibrate. The confirmation settings are designed to alert you once you’ve successfully locked on a target.

Basically, this is a highly customizable rangefinder and one that’s truly designed with ease of use in mind. 


As we’ve already touched on, the RH2 has a reputation for speed and accuracy. Golfers will love the ability to measure long distances on the green more accurately and faster. The simple design is what makes it so user-friendly. Plus, it’s a great fit for golfers who aren’t very tech savvy. 

This model doesn’t come loaded with popular features that you’ll find on top-selling rangefinders. It doesn’t come with slope, which is a feature that incorporates any dips in the terrain, providing a more accurate distance reading. For some, this is a big drawback, while others prefer the lack of the slope feature because with it, the rangefinder wouldn’t be competition legal. 

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The rangefinder is designed to be held like a pistol, using the red dot to align a target via the viewfinder. The distance measurement is then displayed on the large LCD screen, located on the body of the rangefinder.

While using this model is simple when it comes to targeting flags equipped with prisms, targets without a prism can be tricky. To do, you’ll have to hold the model up to your eyes and wait for an audible beep to alert you that you’ve locked on a target successfully. Next, you’ll check out the reading on the screen, and if the distance doesn’t seem accurate to you, you’ll need to go through the process again. Models that allow you to see the distance reading while still looking through the viewfinder feel much more user-friendly compared to this model and it’s unique pistol design.

Additionally, since the rangefinder doesn’t have magnification, it can be even more difficult to lock on an object that doesn’t have a reflective prism.

In terms of size, this model is about average. It comes with a carry case that you can clip on to your golf bag. The rangefinder itself is easy to grip, thanks to the thick black and red rubber exterior.

The limited targeting ability can be a deal breaker for golfers who purchased this model specifically for the fact that it doesn’t have to be held up to the eyes to use. We felt that the model still provided accurate distance measurements, even if the target locking process seems a little tedious at times. 


  • Low price 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Faster measurement return time 
  • Highly accurate
  • Three confirmation setting options
  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Tournament legal 


  • No magnification 
  • Struggles to lock on objects without reflective prisms
  • This is a very basic model 
  • Does not come with a slope feature 
Laser Link Golf RH2 Rangefinder Conclusion and Rating

Geek Rating as of May, 2023: (4/5)

Laser Link Golf RH2 RangefinderAs we mentioned earlier, this model tends to struggle to lock on targets other than reflective flags. The manufacturer designed this rangefinder specifically, so you wouldn’t have to hold it to your eyes when it’s in ranging mode, so the fact that you have to do so in order to lock onto most objects is somewhat disappointing. The basic features and lower price make this a great buy if you need a rangefinder that’s accurate and you can’t afford a higher priced model that offers a more streamlined operation. 

Golfers who prefer a more basic rangefinder opposed to mode loaded models will appreciate the RH2’s simple operation and intuitive controls. If accuracy is your main priority, then this model is a great buy.

We gave the RH2 by Laser Link a rating of four out of five stars.

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